The Chabad Jewish Center Begins Writing Sefer Torah in Bronxville

On September 22, the budding Jewish Community in Bronxville launched a historic event with a certified scribe, as they began writing a Sefer Torah in a private village home. With the help of the Gary Berman family and other generous donors, Chabad Jewish Center has been able to grow and expand its range of programs and services. Chabad seeks to create a comfortable Jewish environment for each individual.

Rabbi Sruli Deitsch made a point to mention that there is no difference between Orthodox, Conservative or Reform. They do not label people at Chabad. They service the affiliated and non-affiliated. Their doors are always open with unconditional love.

As Chabad of Bronxville is preparing for a large crowd to attend High Holiday services, they have just launched a new program catering to local Jewish children in grades kindergarten through 5th grade.  The after school program uses a STEM approach integrating Jewish heritage.

Visit or contact Rabbi Deitsch at  [email protected] or call 458-2441 to learn more about The Chabad Jewish Center in Bronxville.