Will I be able to follow the service? Is it all in Hebrew? 

We use Hebrew/English prayer books with English translation and transliteration of fundamental parts of the service, to enable you to follow along easily. Some parts of the service are read/sung in Hebrew and some in English. 

Throughout the service, Rabbi Sruli Deitsch adds humor, inspiration and meaning to prayers and Torah reading.

Will I feel comfortable?

At Chabad you will always find a warm and welcoming, non judgmental environment with Jews who consider themselves Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Unaffiliated, but as we prefer to say "labels are for clothing, not for people; at Chabad we are all one Mishpacha".

Do I need to be a member? What if I can't afford the suggested donation? 

At Chabad, every Jew is a member!

All are welcome and  no one turned away due to lack of funds. Of course, every gift of support is very much appreciated and allows us to keep our doors open to all during the holidays and throughout the year.

Are Children Welcome? 

Of course! There will be a designated room where children will be welcome to play and hang out.