Discover the ancient art of olive pressing much the same way as it was done during the time of the Chanukah story. As a group of Maccabees, students will refine the olive oil needed for the Temple Menorah. First step: pit fresh olives and squeeze them with a hand press. Next, the olives get strained and the extract is spun in a centrifuge to separate the pure oil. Finally, kids fashion a wick out of cotton for use with the oil when lighting the Menorah.

Included in this presentation, is candle making, in which every child will create two Chanukah candles, from scratch – to take home!

Recommended Age: First grade & up

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: $390 set-up fee and one show (up to 25 children) + $4 per child
$200 each additional show

Questions? Or to book a workshop please call Rabbi Sruli Deitsch 914.458.2441