The Chabad Jewish Center in Eastchester is part of the largest network of Jewish social and educational organizations worldwide  known as CHABAD LUBAVITCH,  a global movement driven by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Motivated by a profound love for humanity and spurred by boundless optimism, the Lubavitcher Rebbe lifted the global Jewish community from the ashes of the Holocaust and guided the establishment of an unprecedented range of Jewish institutions, outreach programs, and social services.

As part of the Rebbe's dazzling array of programs, he sent out "Shluchim" / emissaries – a husband and wife duo, to settle in places across the world for the purpose of teaching and inspiring their Jewish brethren. The vehicle chosen for this was termed a “Chabad House.” This is our center in Eastchester, New York. 

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The Chabad Jewish Center is dedicated to serving all Jews in Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe with Ahavat Yisroel, an unconditional love and concern for every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation.

As the only Jewish organization in Bronxville, Eastchester & Tuckahoe, The Chabad Jewish Center's mission is:

To strengthen the Jewish community by promoting Jewish pride, education and celebration.

To provide for the spiritual & material needs of all Jews in the community.

To establish a warm and traditional community center where everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable. Come feel yourself the "family" atmosphere that makes Chabad so special and unique. 


Warm, gentle, humorous, humble, but persistent, Rabbi Sruli Deitsch urges everyone onward and upward, based on the teachings of Chassidism and the Lubavitcher Rebbe, that every Jew is precious and important because he is a Jew, and endowed with a G‑dly soul.

One more Torah class. Try out a mitzvah. Explore your roots, take one step further on the path of Judaism; tomorrow maybe another. What, when, how much and how fast is up to you. But take a step forward. As long one lives one must keep on growing.


Our vision is to have a fully functioning and self-sustaining Jewish Community Center in Easchester, New York which services the Jewish needs of residence of Bronxville, Eastchesterm Tuckahoe and nearby villages.

By 2025, we hope to be an established community of some 500 + families who would benefit from a rich array of programs.

We plan to become a strong Jewish presence at Sarah Lawrence College, welcoming Jewish students as friends and family, providing a “home away from home.” 

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Chabad encourages every positive action on behalf of every Jew and facilitates the efforts of every organization, synagogue or group to increase Jewish knowledge and observance.