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Every wondered how a Shofar is made? The Shofar is an instrument crafted from a ram’s horn and is used as the highlight of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Service. Its sounds are simple, but its manufacturing is a complex process.

During the Shofar Factory Presentation, participants will help saw, drill, polish, and shellac a ram’s horn to create a genuine kosher Shofar, as well as gain new insight and significance of the Shofar and its role during the High Holiday season.

The presentation includes visual aids, storytelling and lots of hands-on fun! This program makes for a great learning and educational experience for children and adults alike!

Workshop Option 1: At the end of the presentation each group will be given one Shofar to keep in their classroom as a memento of this exciting workshop.

Recommended Age: Nursery – 2nd grade

Duration: 30 minutes

Fee: $390 set-up fee and one show (up to 25 children)
$200 each additional show

Workshop Option 2: During this workshop, every student makes his/her own shofar to take home.

Recommended Age: 3rd grade & up

Duration: 45 minutes

Fee: $390 set-up fee and one show (up to 25 children) + $11.00 per child
$200 each additional show

Questions? Or to book a workshop please call Rabbi Sruli Deitsch 914.458.2441