Connecting Jewish kids with each other while exploring Jewish traditions and values in a fun environment.
Youth and Teens
Chabad Youth offers dynamic, creative and educational programs for children of all ages. 
Our goal is to raise Jewish awareness and pride, and help our youth appreciate the richness of our beautiful traditions, instilling a heightened level of sensitivity, compassion and communal responsibility, as well as a strong attachment to Israel and all things Jewish. 
We have a host of programs for children of all ages. Please explore the links above to learn about what Chabad has for your child.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah
As boys and girls approach the age of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, preparations for their big day begin. Our course on basic Jewish traditions and Bar/Bat Mitzvah training includes stimulating discussions and presentations on intriguing areas of Jewish life that the children will not have encountered in Hebrew School. These sessions will provide the child with valuable information that will prepare them for a most meaningful Bar Mitzvah.  This program will ignite in them a love and pride in their Judaism and will help them define who they are as Jews.